How We Do It

Making business news that works

Our job is to get in the face of our clients’ target audiences. We don’t just want our clients to be noticed – we actually want to change the whole relationship between them and the people they are trying to reach.

So how do we do it? We start by getting to know the target audience. We make it our business to find out the issues that really matter to them, and then work on ways of pressing those buttons and creating a dialogue.

Success hinges on three factors: the quality of the storyline ideas that we come up with; our understanding of exactly how to reach our target audiences; and, thirdly, our ability to use the internet and social media to maximise the impact of the coverage we achieve for our clients.

In a crowded media market, quality content is key. Using our own writers, we develop what we call storyline packages: copy, research, facts and stats, third party contacts; in fact everything that a senior journalist would need to develop their own versions of our story.

We also aim high. Very high. We regularly get even our smallest and most specialist clients into top-tier media like the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, BBC News, CNN, The Australian Financial Review and many others. When we have a story we believe in, nothing will hold us back.