Measuring & Reporting

Measuring and monitoring our performance

Visibility, transparency and accountability. Three values that we hold dear at Aspectus PR because we know how important they are to all our clients.

That’s why we invested in TwentyTwentyTM, our own two-way measuring and monitoring system, so that our clients can see exactly what is going on with their account at any time. Using TwentyTwentyTM they can check out the status of every activity, look back over previous weeks and months and see what’s coming up. They can search for coverage and get any of it onto their own screens anywhere in the world via our extranet.

But most important of all, clients can use TwentyTwentyTM to monitor our performance in real-time against pre-agreed targets.

We strongly believe that clients must be able to see value and a return on their investment in PR. That’s why we always offer a performance-related fee structure to new clients. It makes perfect sense.