Only connect: Working in today’s media world

What we do

The web has become the lifeblood of communications and the media now encompasses so much more than just mainstream press and broadcast. Similarly, content is unlikely to be just an article or a press release; if it’s going to drive traffic to our clients’ websites or influence a target audience of any type, content must now incorporate video, graphics, images and so much more. In this connected world, great creative ideas are what really matters.

Search Integrated Communications (SINCOM)

Effective search management depends on having the right marketing messages to start with. These need to be original and compelling as they form the platform for developing search terms that will be embedded in your website and all your communications. Your website must be receptive to people who have found you through search. It should be easy for them to engage with you. The third element of our SINCOM model is to monitor traffic and engagement levels continuously.

Everything we do is geared towards exciting your target audience and getting them to come to your website wanting to do business. Search optimisation, great content and the right choice of media channels all have to work together in tandem to achieve this.