What We Do

Only connect – working in today’s media world

The media has changed out of all recognition. It is now multi-dimensional, dynamic, real-time and instantly searchable by anyone. Gaining quality coverage in top-tier mainstream media is just part of our job. Equally important is driving this coverage around social media channels and making full use of your website as a publishing engine. The goal – of course – is to ensure PR brings key influencers and decision makers to our clients’ websites and encourages further engagement.

It helps that we are also experts in digital marketing. We have the skills to design, build and optimise websites, run email marketing campaigns and blogs and consult on every aspect of social media engagement.

But our core offering is Aspectus PR’s Search Integrated Communications (SINCOM) model for creating a direct connection between PR content generation and increased traffic to our clients’ websites. The process involves: key messaging; content generation; a website review; optimisation alignment between PR content, social media and a client’s website; analytics benchmarking and rigorous reporting.

However, the key to unlocking the full value of PR in today’s connected media world is to produce quality content in the first place. That’s why we have a whole team of full time writers. Great ideas and great stories are what really make the difference. Especially now.