• Financial Services PR

    The global financial markets are being squeezed between a rock of regulation, risk management and transparency and a hard place of demand for returns to keep the world economy afloat. The old idea of performance through big bets and big risk has gone; in its place has come an era of intense scrutiny and a need for complete transparency. Never has the need for thoughtful, careful but robust communications with all stakeholders been greater.

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  • Energy PR

    Few PR agencies can claim direct experience and detailed knowledge across the whole spectrum of the energy sector, from generation and transmission, to trading and consumption. But at Aspectus, we are regarded by senior national, international and trade journalists as one of the best sources of quality stories in the energy business. Whether you are an oil and gas specialist, a renewables technology developer, a consultancy selling in to the utilities space or an energy trading software provider, Aspectus PR is the perfect global communications partner.

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  • Technology PR

    Technology communications have changed beyond all recognition. Forget features and benefits, wizardry and all the tech-speak of years gone by. What counts today is how technology can change business and the opportunities it creates. Top level media want to talk about return on investment and the role technology has to play in reducing costs and delivering business goals. That’s the way we work with our clients across all aspects of technology – from IT security, management and consultancy, to digital marketing, software and IT networking.

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  • Engineering PR

    The increased competition generated from the emergence of the BRIC professional engineering and precision manufacturing sector, combined with the economic downturn, has meant that the pressure on Western firms has never been greater. The challenge for all geographies is to communicate complex, technical propositions to an increasingly generalist, business-minded audience. At Aspectus PR, we are involved with aerospace, automotive and defence engineering where there is a real need for clear business messaging.

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  • B2B Event Marketing

    At Aspectus, we have perfected a tried and tested formula for driving sales and visitor numbers for major B2B event companies. Our integrated mainstream media and social media approach has delivered some stunning commercial results for many exhibition companies and event businesses. That’s why so many of them keep coming back to us for more. For them, the return on investment is undeniable and we have become an essential part of their sales and marketing team.

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    B2B Event Marketing
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