B2B Event Marketing

In the current economic climate, spending on events and shows is under intense scrutiny. Marketing managers will not sign off a big commitment to take stand space unless they are totally convinced that they are going to get a good return on investment.

It’s the same story with visitors. How can they justify the cost of attending a show with all the attendant expenses and time out of the office? They too have to be pretty sure that it’s going to be worth it.

That’s where Aspectus PR comes in. We have developed a communications model involving integrated mainstream and social media PR that really helps event companies sell to clients and drives visitors to shows, whether it is at the national or international level. In some cases, we are also deploying our SINCOM model to increase visitor and exhibitor traffic to show websites.

But the great thing is that we can really prove the business case; demonstrate to event companies that they can get back in revenues far more than their investment in PR.

Perhaps that’s why we have conference and event companies now working with us year after year. In many cases we are simply an essential part of their sales and marketing team.