Technology PR

Technology has grown up. Once an industry more obsessed with itself and its ability to innovate for innovation’s sake, these days successful technology companies are keen to talk the language of business to their customers. How much money can they save them? How can they help them generate additional revenues? How can they enable them to do things differently, more efficiently? How can technology create new business opportunities?

Tech PR is no longer a battle of features and benefits, bells and whistles. The top media is really only interested in how technology can create measurable benefits. Of course we make sure our technology PR clients get their fair share of trade media coverage, especially online, but our goal is to broaden their horizons and put them on the radar of the national and international business media.

Using our pioneering SINCOM model, we also help clients to maximise the value of their PR content and search performance to dramatically increase traffic to their websites.

Thinking big, pushing at the boundaries, is at the heart of Aspectus PR’s culture.

The media’s expectation of what support they can expect from an IT PR agency varies. But at Aspectus we always try to deliver everything a journalist is likely to need: the story, the supporting facts and statistics, any research we can find and as many contacts as they are likely to need. And we do this for all our clients, from the smallest start-up to big multi-nationals.