Energy PR

Energy is unquestionably one of the most important and challenging issues facing the modern world. It dominates the global economic and political agenda and touches all our lives. Indeed, decisions we make now about how we generate, manage, distribute, use and pay for our energy in the years to come may well determine the future for all of us.

Small wonder then that energy is such an important topic for the world’s media, opinion formers and governments. Journalists are especially interested in the role of technology within the energy narrative and what it can do to help us solve some of the apparently intractable problems associated with long-term energy generation and supply. Policy makers are also finding their way through the same problems, drawing in advice and opinion from a wide range of sources. Communications within the energy sector demands a strategic balance between media relations and public affairs and careful management of both.

At Aspectus PR, we have been heavily involved with energy for many years, as well as all aspects of the production and delivery process, from planning, generation and transmission through to supply consumption and trading.

Moreover, energy is at the forefront of integrated social media and mainstream media communications, something that we especially embrace at Aspectus PR.