Engineering PR

The Western engineering industry is under extreme pressure; not just because of the global economic slowdown, but also because of intense competition from the emerging BRIC nations that are taking the world by storm and are generally much cheaper across the board.

Still, while the BRIC nations may be the new kids on the block, we shouldn’t forget that the US remains the world’s largest manufacturing economy. Put that together with Europe’s credibility derived from its long-standing professional, academic and industrial heritage, and the industry has a lot to shout about.

Perhaps better communications based around a tighter link between engineering technology and the longer term needs of major industries such as construction, defence, automation, aerospace and others is the real opportunity.

At Aspectus PR we have worked with many engineering firms in numerous different sectors. We know what is needed to turn complex, technical information into publishable, media-friendly articles. Furthermore we understand some of the big engineering challenges being faced by key industries all over the world.