Financial Services PR

The financial services sector has never been under greater pressure than it is now.

Old ways of working, along with the old attitudes that went with them, have been thrown out of the windows of New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. In their place has come a new sense of realism, comprehensive and consolidated risk management and a recognition that the industry must face up to the challenge of telling stakeholders some home truths about the sector’s crucial importance to the global economy as it gropes its way through the downturn towards recovery. Workflows and processes are being rewritten in every corner of the industry, underpinned by a huge investment in technology.

In spite of all the fundamental changes that will continue to pile pressure on the financial sector in the years to come and the squeeze on capital, the industry will adapt to new regulations, demands for accountability and transparency. Crucially, it needs to have the confidence to communicate its determination to do all these things.

The industry has taken a beating. Now is the time to come out fighting again.