Venusbrass at Moller Horcher PR partyHave you ever witnessed an oompha band in full flow? Never seen an all female, cocktail dress wearing, quintet jiving and jamming their way through a party? It’s quite a sight and a wonderful, fun-filled explosion of sound.

Witnessing Venusbrass bashing out some brass was just one highlight of German partner, Möller Horcher’s, 10th birthday party celebrations. It was kind of Möller Horcher to host a great party for clients, partners and friends. They know how to do that in Offenbach.

But the really rewarding part of the two day extravaganza was connecting face-to-face with so many colleagues from the rest of Europe and the US. It was fascinating dissecting the differences and discovering some of the similarities in strategies and tactics used across Europe. All too often B2B technology marketers seem to take a one size fits all approach to international communications. So it was great to share contrasting approaches and discover some of the country-specific cultural nuances that can help make the difference between the success or failure of continental campaigns. I think all our clients will benefit from the insights gained, it was a lot of fun and I’ll have plenty of fond memories of the oompha band who played with such gusto. I just wonder if we can persuade them to come over here and play at our next client party.

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