Climate change is all so straightforward isn’t it? I mean, we do all agree that it’s THE problem of the modern age and it has to be fixed, don’t we? Well ... hmph ... erm ... maybe ... dunno.

If anything, the climate change debate is more blurred now than it’s ever been. Yes, of course if you bother to read even the idiots’ versions of the mountain of scientific evidence available you could only come to one possible conclusion about the way our climate is going. But, insist the sceptics, there is still plenty of research that supports the argument that global warming has actually stopped. Add the extreme political axe grinders, the voice of businesses with vested interests and people who spend too long staring at the moon into the equation to muck up the data even more and the real facts about climate change are very hard indeed for ordinary folk to land on.

Then along comes Robert Kaufmann and his team from Boston University with a new study that suggests sulphur pollutants from coal fired power stations in China have tended to cool the global climate over the last decade. That, of course, is not be confused with the warming effect that these same power stations have created through the generation of rising concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. But it does explain why climate change appears to have stopped when in fact it hasn’t.

Well, thanks for clearing that up for us Professor Kaufmann.

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